Visibly Upset

by Pathos Mathos

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released August 16, 2012

Brian Cunningham- Guitar, Vocals
Sam Goldstein- Drums, Vocals
Recorded and mixed by Jason Hallyburton at UnderDoom! Studios




Pathos Mathos San Jose, California

Brian and Sam making music to make hugs to.

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Track Name: Mathos
A coward is giving up on their life
Debilitated by meaningless strife
To feel maybe that they got what they deserved
I'll question and question my sense of what's real

A dilemma between a euphoric state
Of ignorance, sloth, and the most peaceful of fates
Or striving to learn, just to suffer, decay
If knowledge is pain, then let it be so

My guts are rising up into my throat
My lungs are on fire, I'm starting to choke
But the coldest of coals are fueling the train
The moment that I stop using my brain

If you are searching for the savior on high
See where it's created - inside of your mind
And pick your head up, stand yourself tall
For the creator of gods must be the strongest of all

If I have a reason to wake up today
It's because I own nothing except for my fate
The space between my crib and my ashes
Appears to have meaning 'til this train crashes
So I'll look to myself to find motivation
And I won't sit idle on the tracks at the station
Track Name: Buried
Of a people raised on commerce
Behold the currency of my life
I need a home for this rotting matter
It shall not waste into the earth

What a fucking waste

Time is always running out
They wish to turn back the clock
We buy time

Buy and sell, I’ll still go to hell

Stick me into the ground and cry,
Over some tissue and formaldehyde

Even when my body despairs
I’ll contribute to this state of affairs
May the virus grow and spread
Feed upon me ‘til I’m dead

What a fucking waste
Track Name: Weak
I couldn't tell you I'm an autotrophic creature
Not with a straight face anyways
But at least I'm willing to admit it
And I'm trying harder everyday

If there were a gun to my head
I'd like to think I would be strong
Enough to feel indifferent
I am an artificial form.
Track Name: Pathos
I'm feeling sick, my saliva thick
Lips turned down, and furrowed brows

I've seen enough ignorance
of people with great influence

Build support for your hatred
Tell people what they want to hear
You are the everlasting advocate
Of their fear

The evolution of empowerment and self-stability
Begins with honesty, respect and dignity.

But if there’s anything I've learned after so many years of believing
In the strength of individuals, it's that
people are weak

We are afraid of dreaming
Embarrassed of everything
This is a day of your life
Live it accordingly
Track Name: Sam Gets Punched in the Face/Face-Puncher's Club
I know the ways of the world
move in circles in my mind
I feel the fear build like bile
strangle myself to take a step forward

if one of us leaves alive
none of us has got it right
question me, risk your dignity
why think when i can grab the fucking moment?
someone here knows the way
swallow them to gain their power

“Even in sleep there trickles through the heart
The disabling recollection of the pain:

And wisdom arrives regardless of want,
A favour from daimons
Who have taken the seats of honour, by force.”

If one of us leaves alive
None of us has got it right